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The Power of Clarity

Planar Magnetic Ribbons

Our planar ribbon technology provides the incredible detail, clarity and pinpoint imaging that make listening to BG loudspeakers so realistic and lifelike. A favorite of audiophiles for decades, the technology of today's planar ribbon makes them as reliable and robust as conventional transducers. The planar ribbon driver is an evolution of ribbon-based designs that were first conceived in the 1930s where early designs were costly, fragile and often unreliable.

Over the past fifteen years, BG has actively engaged in in-depth research and led the industry in solving important problems associated with the construction of planar ribbon based loudspeaker systems. BG Corporation was founded in 1994 with the goal of becoming the world's leading source of planar ribbon loudspeakers for Home Theater, Audio and Professional applications. A combination of patented technology and passionate dedication has allowed BG to achieve the true potential of the planar ribbon as the perfect transducer. more...

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