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Brent Butterworth, Sound & Vision, 09.27.2013

I’ve been digging BG Radia’s big floorstanding ribbon speakers since way back when S&V‘s Al Griffin and I were running Home Theater magazine. (That’s before anyone had ever heard of MP3.) But the company hadn’t done any new tower speakers for years — until the new FS-880, which the company demoed at the CEDIA Expo in Denver.

The 7-foot-tall FS-880 is a true line-array speaker, with 16 ribbon tweeters and six ribbon midranges, each group arrayed in a vertical line. The base contains four 8-inch woofers. Each one includes an amplifier for the bass section that’s rated at 1,200 watts. Why a separate amp for the woofers? “With four woofers in such a small enclosure, we wanted complete control of them,” BG national sales manager Robin Ellis told me.

BG’s demo was really loud, but that’s the point. I’ve only rarely heard a speaker that could play so loud without audibly distorting or changing its timbre. Even at levels well over 100 dB, Frank Sinatra still sounded super-smooth on “Fly Me to the Moon.”

The FS-880 costs $35,000/pair, including the amps for the bass section.

To view the article @ Sound & Vision, please visit: http://www.soundandvision.com/content/new-bg-radio-fs-880-line-array-tower-speaker

Gary Reber , Widescreen Review Issue 177

“Based on my review experience, this BG Radia loudspeaker system deserves comparison to the best that money can buy. The system’s dynamic and harmonic timbre performance is captivating, with respect to accurately reproducing the sonic qualities of first-rate motion picture soundtracks and music recordings.”

“This is an exceptionally realistic loudspeaker system…”


–          Gary Reber

Widescreen Review
Issue 177 June /July  2013